Whole Food Nutrition Certification
Improving diet with organic foods and beverages, in addition to natural, whole food supplements, is the ideal way to help our bodies fight against the constant bombardment from preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners, genetically modified organisms and chemicals. We design simple, yet effective ways to help you make better decisions for yourself and your family by selecting food that is more natural and easily assimilated by the body. Supplementing a good diet with non-synthetic vitamins and minerals is another way to help protect our bodies from free radicals in the environment.  Standard Process is the company we use to help our patients and friends achieve optimal nutrition.                      

Therapeutic Massage
Massage is used in conjunction with Chiropractic care.  Therapeutic massage benefits the muscles and connective tissue because it relieves tension by allowing the blood and lymph fluid to flow more efficiently.  This revitalizes the muscles and helps them return to a natural, more supple condition.  Our Massage Therapists also use the "cupping" technique, that creates a negative pressure on muscle tissues to help pull adhesions to the surface in addition to hot stone therapy.  To book a massage, please click on the above link. 
Rehab and Exercise Training
Dr. Hackney is a Certified Chiropractic Rehab Specialist.  Rehabilitation of the spine is an important part of our patient's care plan and we teach our patients how to take care of their own body. Our patients are taught exercises or stretches that can be done in between visits, as well as proper form to use during weight training.  Research shows that regular exercise, in addition to consistent Chiropractic care, is invaluable to patients with persistent problems related to spinal structure and function.  We also use "Spider-Tech" kinesiology tape to help injuries between visits and during competition. We incorporate COLD LASER THERAPY from Laser Touch One for stubborn conditions.  Low level laser therapy has been beneficial for people suffering from arthritic pain, jaw, neck and back problems, as well as plantar fascitis and ankle issues. 

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