What is Chiropractic?
From paintings found in ancient Egypt and Greece, we know that treatment of the spine to treat ailments, was first used thousands of years ago.  The word Chiropractic is derived from Greek and means "to perform with the hands".  Founded in 1895, by Daniel David Palmer, Chiropractic's approach to health is based on the importance of structure and function in the human body, and the relationship between the spinal column, muscles and nervous system. Chiropractic philosophy and treatment is noninvasive and emphasizes the body's inherent recuperative abilities by gentle movement of the spine.  Understanding the cause of symptoms, rather than simply masking the problems, is the ultimate goal for our patients.  
What is an adjustment? 

There are numerous influences (structural, chemical, and psychological) on the nervous system.  The Chiropractic adjustment of the spine helps not only alleviate the symptoms, but also improves the communication of the nervous system with all of the organs, muscles and tissues of the body. We emphasize an evidence-based, hands-on approach and we strive toward early intervention, emphasizing timely diagnosis and treatment of the body.  

Adjustment of the spine is the most important thing we do in treating our patients. With our hands, we gently move, or adjust, the bones of the spine. Spinal adjustments affect the nerves that come from the spinal cord that connect to every muscle, bone, organ and tissue of the body.  Most people don't appreciate how important their spine is until they experience pain, discomfort or loss of function!
How long does it take?
Our job is to make the best recommendations and treatment plan for your individual condition and needs.  Chiropractic care programs are designed with the specific care and goals your body needs, based on clinical necessity.  The ultimate goal is a carefully planned recovery, to help you get healthy and stay that way!  It will take time for the body to heal properly, but together we can accomplish your healthcare goals.  Typically, within a few short weeks, our patients notice dramatic improvement of their condition and are on their way to a lasting correction with regular Chiropractic care.

How much will it cost? 

That depends on whether you have insurance and what those benefits are. But we promise that we have never, nor will we ever, have you sign a contract OR pre-pay for services!  Chiropractic care is very important, but shouldn't require a "down payment" or an automatic withdrawal every month. We are providers for the following insurance companies:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of IL and MO (Anthem)
FirstHealth (Mail Handlers)
One Health Plan   
Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS)   
United Healthcare

Most insurance companies cover chiropractic services at various levels.  Our patients are responsible for their copayments/coinsurance (typically between $10 and $40) and deductibles (which have INCREASED do to healthcare laws), as determined by the benefits of their policy.  We verify insurance benefits, then relay that information to our patients, and bill the insurance company directly.  We are trained Chiropractic Insurance Claims Consultants, so we do our best to eliminate any problems or surprises regarding your care with the insurance provider. 

If you don't have insurance coverage, or have limited insurance coverage, we will do everything we can to make your care affordable.  Your health is invaluable and we want to provide you with the care you need at a fair price.

For Auto Accidents, Personal Injury Cases or Worker's Compensation, we coordinate with the insurance company or attorney, to ensure payment of the necessary treatment of your injuries. Typically, auto claims are paid in full by the policy.